Our beliefs

We Believe in the Holy Trinity, 1 John 5:7

– God the Father – the creator of heaven and earth, Gen.1:1

– His only begotten Son Our Lord Jesus Christ who came to the world as the sacrificial lamb for the atonement of our sins and who gave us the key to the eternal life (Kingdom). John 3:16. We believe that He died for us on the Cross and rose on the third day and ascended to heaven sited on the right hand of the father interceding for us Romans 10:8-10; Matt.26:64; Acts 2:33; Mark 16:19; Rev.3:21

-The Holy Spirit who is the Promise of the Father, the Helper, the Comforter, the Teacher and God in us.- Act.1:4,8; Acts 5:3-4; John 14:16-18,25 -27

We Believe that entire Bible both the Old and New Testament is the true word and instructions of God as written by inspiration of the Holy Spirit to guide us to live a perfect life with the help of the holy spirit so that we can stay in faith till the day of the Lord – “ Timothy 3:10 -17 (*18&17).

We believe in and depend on the work of the Holy Spirit, His power and Gifts in us to make success in our undertaken and for the purpose of spreading the Gospel.

We believe in the five-fold ministry and that it should be operative and encouraged in the body of Christ.

We believe in love, unity and family. As children of God these are some of our weapons against the attack of Satan and its agents. Family is the Ultimate weapon of God. We strongly believe in the institution of marriage for the purpose of procreation as ordained by God.

We Believe in the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and that we should be aware of the sign of the time and always be prepared for him Matt.24(*23-31), Mk 13; Luke 17 Matt 25:1 -13